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Search engine optimization is an essential part of website development and web marketing. An SEO friendly website will automatically rank higher in search results obtained from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This, in turn, will have a great influence on the traffic of that website. It is vital to make your website SEO friendly in order to enhance your internet visibility, brand image and traffic. BPG has vast experience in search engine optimization. We can develop high-ranking websites from scratch and can also turn an already existing website into an SEO friendly website. We have SEO experts who completely understand the workings of search engines and crawlers, and hence, can help you enhance your site ranking and attract more traffic.

Most of the popular and commonly used search engines use bots or crawlers that roam the various web and index web pages to rate and rank them. These spiders travel through links and sitemaps in order to successfully index all the pages available on the web. However, the pages that have faulty navigation, no external linkages, and a bad web design fail to get indexed and hence never appear in the search results generated by these search engines. Most websites lose more than half of their potential clients due to their low internet visibility.

BPG helps you make your website SEO friendly by:

  • Using keywords that enrich your content and enhance your visibility in relevant searches.
  • Making sure that flash files are used sparingly and not in excess because crawlers cannot read animation and flash files.
  • Making use of semantic code that enables bots to read and understand what the website is all about.
  • Providing unique tags and title descriptions so that the bots automatically know that the content of each page is different from the others.
  • Providing hassle-free navigation and easy to understand layout to enable easy movement of bots.
  • Building a sitemap to help crawlers easily enter and index your website.
  • ALT/TITLE tags on images to enhance search results and accessibility.
  • Utilize Google Maps for location targeting.

We offer you the best quality website development and search engine optimization, which will ensure that your website ranks among the top pages in search lists.

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