Did You Know?

Premier Driving Academy graduates are making between $30,00 and $80,00 annually.

Demand for shipping has increased dramatically over the past decade, and so has the demand for qualified truck drivers.The trucking industry currently employees more than 3 million commercial truck drivers. It is estimated the shortage of drivers to meet industry demand to be as much as 200,000.

The American Trucking Association reports companies will need to recruit 100,000 drivers each year to fill the demand. Statistics continue to show that the commercial driving industry is one of America's best performing, and is a great opportunity  for job seekers looking to start a new career.

Most companies offer great pay and excellent benefits.

 As long as goods are consumed there will be a need for drivers.

Employers want entry level drivers from accredited truck driving schools like Premier Driving Academy where truck driver training excellence is top priority.

Most students have multiple job offers while attending Premier and accept their pick upon graduation.